Duty of Candour Annual Report

To fulfil our duty of candour responsibilities, this report describes the unintended or unexpected incidents that occurred at our dental practice during the last year.

PracticeLargs Dental Care, 26 Wilson St, Largs KA30 9AQ
Responsible PersonArabella Yelland
Date of report31st March 2023

Aims and Objectives of the Practice

We aim to provide high-quality dental services to our patients and to improve the oral health of the population.

Duty of Candour Responsibilities

We have held team meetings to discuss our duty of candour responsibilities should an unintended or unexpected incident occur.

The team is aware of and understands the practice adverse incident (duty of candour) protocol, which describes what to do when something goes wrong.

The protocol identifies the practice contact, who should be notified of all incidents and near misses and will conduct an investigation, if necessary.

Unexpected or Unintended Incidents

The following unexpected or unintended incidents occurred between 1 April 2022 and 31 March 2023.

These incidents do not include those relating to a patient’s illness or underlying condition.

Wrong site extraction (or similar where the incident changed the person’s body)O times
Long-term pain of 28 days or more (for example, prolonged pain following an extraction)O times
Permanent lessening of bodily, sensory, motor, physiologic or intellectual functionsO times
A person diedO times
A person’s life expectancy shortenedO times
A person’s sensory, motor or intellectual functions was impaired for 28 days of moreO times
A person needed health treatment to prevent them dyingO times
A person needed health treatment to prevent other injuries listed above/td>O times

The total number of unexpected or unintended incidents was: 0

Action Taken

I confirm that for the following incidents the duty of candour protocol was followed:

  • No applicable incidents

The practice protocol was not followed for the following incidents:

  • No applicable incidents

Lessons Learnt

  • N/A

Signed: A Yelland