Largs Dental Care Staff

What we do

Our range of treatments are designed to ensure that you keep your teeth and gums healthy.

Our experienced team is always on hand to guide you through any issues that arise.

Check Ups

What is your dentist looking for when you have a check-up? We like to know if you are having any problems with your mouth or teeth. We update your medical history at each visit. Some medicines and health conditions can have an important impact on your treatment, even if you have stopped taking them some years ago.

We then check the health of your teeth, and the health and stability of your restorations. We check for plaque – if it’s there it’s not healthy. We do a special check of your gums to see if you have signs of gum disease. Smoking and plaque make gum disease worse, and may cause you to lose teeth.

It is important to have regular check ups so if problems do arise we can deal with them early.

Home Visits

If you or a relative are no longer able to come in and see us, we are happy to arrange a home visit. We also visit care homes in the local area.

Please be aware that during home visits we aren’t able to offer the full range of treatments normally available in the surgery.

Please ask your dentist or call for more information.


We see ourselves very much as a family dental practice. Dental care starts from birth with Childsmile. Your health visitor or public health nurse will introduce you to Childsmile, give you oral health advice and provide you with a free toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste.

Aim to register your baby with us soon after birth or at least as soon as the first tooth appears. From then on, take your child to the dental practice every six months, or as advised by your dental team. Starting as early as possible helps them to get used to the sights, sounds and smells of a dental practice.

We provide the Childsmile programme from birth until the age of five. We’ll give you help with toothbrushing, provide diet advice and apply fluoride twice yearly from the age of two.

With our support and advice your child can grow up with healthy teeth and a confident smile. It is important to keep teeth healthy right from the beginning to avoid pain, infection and the need to take teeth out under general anaesthetic.

First teeth need to fall out naturally (the last baby tooth will not normally fall out until the child is about 12-years-old). Early loss of milk teeth can lead to crowding when adult teeth come through and can mean lengthy corrective treatment in later years.